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Responsible to the Core

Delivering product transparency to you and your customers with down-trac®

It’s the peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the highest quality product from the world’s best source. Here’s how down-trac® works:

  • Each lot of down & feather we produce receives a unique identifier at each stage of the process. These are combined into a final Lot # when the material is readied per a brand’s requirements
  • Visit our website, or have your IT team integrate directly onto your website
  • Enter your lot number in the search bar and learn details about your natural fill
  • Free to use
  • All information is consolidated based on 3rd party traceability audits and testing
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Want to learn more about your down?

Use our exclusive down-trac® system to learn about test results, origin, and more!

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Quality. Performance. Sustainability.

Our rigorous product testing and quality assurance processes guarantee that every shipment is to our customers’ expectations and meet our supply-chain standards. If our fill doesn’t satisfy every one of our strict criteria, it doesn’t get shipped. Our customers rest easy knowing that if it’s on the label it’s in the bag.