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Performance to the Core

We’re committed to producing high-quality down and fill that meets our clients’ exact technical performance specifications. Even though down is virtually perfect in nature, we’re still obsessed with making it even better.
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Technical innovations

While we collaborate with well-known outdoor technology companies such as Nikwax® to produce hydrophobic water resistant down, we’ve developed a range of cutting-edge technical enhancements including:


Activ-dri down is ideal for active outdoor applications due to its ability to reduce water absorption by up to 60% compared to un-treated down. This fluorine-free and bluesign® system partner chemistry does not add weight or odor, or have an adverse effect on fill power.


Nikwax Hydrophobic down is a water-based fluorocarbon-free branded solution that offers safe and reliable water-resistant (WR) performance. The WR efficacy can be refreshed using Nikwax Down Wash™ and Down Proof™ for long-lasting and durable WR protection. NHD treated down will stay dry longer and maintain its loft—even when wet. Notably, we achieved 1,000+ minutes on the hydrophobic shake test using this world-class DWR chemistry.


Pur-down is DOWNLITE’s exclusive anti-microbial technology offering a 99.7% reduction of the microbes that can cause unwanted, naturally-occurring odors in down. This bluesign® chemistry is applied to the down during the sterilization process and delivers lasting freshness to the product. The Pur-down treatment has no adverse effects on down loft or cleanliness and is completely eco-friendly.


Our exclusive high-quality recycled down is processed to the highest standards and certified under the GRS (Global Recycled Standard). The down is reclaimed from down pillows, comforters, sleeping bags and more to be used again, completing another round of recycling.


Our high-quality 650 – 800 FP Fill Power down is sourced from farms in the United States, then washed and sterilized at our U.S. processing facility.


Our top-performing 750+ Fill Power down is sourced from the best quality farms across the globe. Performa-Down is available in 750 Fill Power, 800 Fill Power, 850 Fill Power and 900 Fill Power.

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What matters most is that our product performs as expected.

Down is an experience—soft, warm, comforting. Every cluster is unique and special. It evokes luxury in its durability and stands the test of time. Because it always works, it delivers a sense of freedom. It makes life’s most memorable experiences even better.

The complete range of down and fill products

We can supply any quality or grade of down—from a basic 525 Fill Power White Duck Down to a 900 Fill Power White Goose Down—while we also produce innovative blends featuring natural products such as wool.

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As a leader in product traceability and transparency across our global supply chain, our industry-first down-trac™ service enables full tracking and documentation of every lot we produce. Every lot is tested at least twice by our internal IDFL certified lab.



We’re committed to keeping our partners up-to-date on the latest developments from across our industry, including new product innovations, emerging sustainability initiatives and insights from our team designed to educate and inform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We source our feather and down from around the world — including Asia, Europe, and North America — with China being the dominant global supplier. As a bi-product of the food/meat industry, we typically find feather and down in countries in which geese and duck are more commonly eaten. Downlite employs its own sourcing and QA teams in all of our key down sourcing regions — including Europe and Asia. Having ‘boots on the ground’ to secure the best quality material at the sharpest costing provides us with a unique competitive advantage.

Before the down “traceability” topic became a popular conversation in the outdoor market, Downlite had already embraced rigorous supply chain custody procedures, documentation, and lot tracking systems. We take supply chain transparency very seriously, and require our raw material suppliers to do the same. Working in partnership with global brands and retailers, Downlite has led the efforts in the contribution, education, and co-development of multiple traceability standards. Learn more about 3rd party certified traceable down. We also have our Down-Trac program where you can trace key facts about your down on our website.

Downlite has the unique ability process down in Europe, the United States and China. In our own down processing facility in Cincinnati, OH, we have the capacity to process/sterilize more than 50,000 lbs of down per week utilizing state -of-the-art equipment. Additionally, our strategic relationships with overseas partners allow for additional capacity and flexibility, while reducing lead-times to the garment factories in Asia.

Downlite offers all qualities of down in both duck and goose, and at all fill power ranges. With our broad global sourcing scope and tremendous scale, coupled with our excellent and long-standing supplier relationships, Downlite can offer any quality of down you require.

Downlite’s strict internal down testing procedures require multiple layers of testing, including pre-testing from our raw material suppliers, and pre-shipment testing of the finished material prior to it leaving our factories. We use several IDFB accredited down testing labs, and employ a 3rd party certified trained full-time lab technician at our own down processing plant for internal testing.
For over a century Downlite has been an industry leader by maintaining focus on our four core values: integrity, innovation, uncompromising quality, and multi-channel, customer focused partnerships. We are a family-owned, family-run business that enjoys an enviable long-standing reputation founded on these principles. As the nation’s premiere and most significant manufacturer of down filled bedding to the retail and hospitality channels, we also uniquely benefit from the sourcing scale, innovation, resources, and consumer-oriented mindset that this home furnishing channel exposure also provides.


We’re deeply committed to responsible down sourcing and environmentally-friendly production.