DOWNLITE promotes Hailey Werthaiser Parnes to Vice President, Business Development - Downlite

DOWNLITE promotes Hailey Werthaiser Parnes to Vice President, Business Development

Mason, OH, August 16, 2022   Downlite a market leader in down and feather processing and a supplier of responsibly sourced products to the outdoor, home, and hospitality markets, announces the promotion of Hailey Werthaiser Parnes to Vice President of Business Development for their Outdoor Division.

Hailey graduated the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Marketing and International Business, and received her masters in education from Xavier University. After spending time in education, Hailey decided it was time to join the Downlite family business.  As the only daughter of Marvin Werthasier, owner and one of the original Founders of Downlite, Hailey has been exposed to the world of down and feather processing from a young age and frequently joined her father on many trips to trade shows, sitting with him in the meetings with customers, and suppliers.

“I often think about, and truly appreciate how lucky I was, to gain so much experience at a young age.” stated Hailey Werthaiser Parnes. “I learned so much from my father during those years.  Downlite is a unique family business that is growing tremendously; to be a part of this and work with people I have known all of my life and the new team members who have since joined the Downlite family, has been and continues to be, an incredible journey for me.”

“We are excited to announce this well-earned promotion of Hailey to Vice President of Business Development for the Outdoor Division.  Stated Joe Crawford, CEO Downlite.  Hailey grew up in this industry, travelled with her father domestically and around the globe, and has deep understanding of sourcing, quality and down processing.   This gives Hailey a unique perspective in a unique industry.   It is not possible to overstate Hailey’s value to Downlite’s  Outdoor division and we look forward to Hailey’s continued contributions as she steps into this new role.

Hailey Werthaiser Parnes
Vice President
Business Development | Outdoor Division.

About Downlite:

Downlite has a rich history in feather and down sourcing, with origins dating back more than 100 years in Europe. Downlite is one of the largest US suppliers of bedding for the home and hospitality industries. Downlite is also one of the largest suppliers of bulk down and feather to apparel and sleeping bag makers in the outdoor industry. A leader in responsible sourcing, Downlite is proud to have been awarded the first RDS Scope Certificate. Additionally, Downlite was offered the first TDS-Certified supply chain in the world — both from Europe and the U.S. Downlite has four US-based manufacturing sites and one manufacturing site in Canada; its sourcing teams are based in China, Europe, and the US. Downlite is bluesign system partner, and a proud member of the American Feather & Down Council.

Some current Downlite Outdoor customers include Patagonia, The North Face, Marmot, Mammut, Kuhl, REI, Canada Goose, Lululemon, Ralph Lauren, Columbia Sportswear, Haglofs, Cascade Design, and Banana Republic.

 For more information contact:

Jannice Cameron-Chapital
Vice President Marketing | Downlite

917 | 575 | 1369

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